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An honest, fair minded, trust worthy American.

Jim Anderson

I encourage everyone in District 3 to vote Tyler Byrd.

Brad Kelly

Cori Litorja

He is a fighter and is willing to stand alone if he has to. But he is also good at working with people.

Ramsey Birgit

Paul Wagenaar

Rose Lonnie

Scharlotte Griffith

As a former elected official (Ferndale mayor and council member) I can recognize commitment, integrity, and effective leadership. That’s Tyler, who should be returned to Council and keep representing the good citizens of the 3rd District

Jon Mutchler

One of the few on the council with some common sense!

John Giarde

Tyler knows how to get things done, and he’s not afraid to do what it takes, even if he has to stand alone. Or to work with others. We need his continuing leadership and serve on the county council.

John Ramsey

Amy Myers

He’s going to help fix whatcom country 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Margie Johnsonhes

He has the vision and creativity to actually solve problems and make this county the best place to live in Washington!

Mary Kay Robinson

Young, focused and business-oriented…

John Lesow

Looking forward to serving with you!

Kamal Bhachu

We need Tyler for another term on the Whatcom County Council.

Brad Kelly

I’m pretty excited to see someone like Tyler Byrd step up and run for county council. He is smart, thoughtful and service-oriented. I endorse Tyler because I know he cares more about people than politics. Tyler will represent the best interests of the people in Whatcom County.

Luanne Van Werven

Tyler is an amazing human being, he’s passionate about what he does and wants to be a changing factor. Like and follow his page to learn more about him and how he wants to help our community.

Melinda Herrera

“Tyler rocks! More than a decade ago I had the chance to see him burst upon the Portland’s vibrant neighborhood scene. He’s a born leader with sleeves always rolled up. Jumped in, figured things out, proposed great options, listened to people, acted. Couple this spirit with his entrepreneurial skills and you have the real deal you need for a Whatcom County Commissioner in Tyler Byrd.”

Carol McCreary

Keep Whatcom County sane!

Tim George
July 13, 2021

We need a voice on the council that supports small business.

Van Beek Drywall
July 13, 2021

Tyler understands the issues small business and land owners are facing on a daily basis. Common sense with solutions!

Myers General Inc
July 19, 2021

Tyler and friends helped to save our Wells!

Everson Transmission
July 23rd, 2021

Although I’m regarded as a liberal, I have been impressed by Tyler at County Council meeting I have attended or watched remotely, He deserves another four years.

Bob Burr
Aug. 6th, 2021

Tyler is one of the few diverse voices on the council representing those of us who haven’t had representation. Please support Tyler and keep him on the council.

Larry Nicholas
Sept. 16, 2021

Our Country needs people like Tyler Byrd to fight for our God given freedoms. We thank him for his dedication.

Polly Kvamme
Oct. 12th, 2021

Tyler we need you on our WCC!

Max Perry
Oct. 15th, 2021